Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 8:00am to 5:00pm

Venue: Ohio State University, The Fawcett Center (see below for more detailed venue information)


  • $125.00 Business/Other
  • $95.00 Non-Profit/Government/Academia
  • $110.00 Safer Chemistry Challenge Program Participants

This day long workshop will provide a framework for evaluating the best approach and tools for your business in meeting goals to eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals in products and processes throughout the supply chain. Increasingly companies are looking at the chemicals used in their products and processes with an eye to reducing their environmental impacts. Many are using green chemistry and life cycle assessment as frameworks for increasing the sustainability of their products and processes and assuring the use of safer chemicals throughout their supply chains. These businesses recognize the value and cost savings from reducing toxic inputs, including regulatory compliance, reduced liability, and meeting consumer demand for safer products.

This workshop is supported by a 2012 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI) Grant by U.S.EPA.

Topics covered:

  • Regulatory landscape, chemicals of concern
  • Evaluating chemical hazards, identifying needs
  • Overview of hazard assessment tools
  • Green Screen for Safer Chemicals
  • Unique issues with biopolymers
  • US EPA toxicity assessment tools
  • Alternatives assessment


Pam Eliason - Pam Eliason is the Senior Associate Director and Industry Research Program Manager at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute.  Since 2000 she has managed several programs, including the Academic Research program.  This program provides funding for University of Massachusetts researchers to conduct pertinent research that could lead to the reduction in the use of toxic chemicals by Massachusetts industries.  Pam also works closely with Massachusetts companies to fund process modifications that lead to significant toxics use reduction, and to conduct on-site demonstrations of implemented innovations for both industry peers and consultants.  She has worked with specific industry supply chains to promote the adoption of safer alternatives, and is currently working with the aerospace and defense industry to identify solutions to the use of cadmium and hexavalent chromium.

Richard Heggs

Rick Heggs, MS - Rick Heggs is the Director of Biobased Materials Strategy at Battelle Memorial Institute. Mr. Heggs has been employed by Battelle Memorial Institute for the last 27 years, prior to joining Battelle he was employed by Union Carbide Corporation in their Tarrytown NY Research Center. With Battelle Mr. Heggs has had a number of jobs including individual researcher, group leader, department manager and now in business development and marketing. Mr. Heggs current responsibilities include managing the business development efforts in biobased industrial products.  In this capacity he has participated in several successful commercialization efforts including soy based powder coatings, toners, polyols and plasticizers.  Current efforts are centered around commercialization of soy based lubricants, solvents and hydrogel polymers.


Lin Kaatz Chary, MPH, PhD - A resident of Northwest Indiana, Chary has over 25 years experience in environmental and occupational health issues, with a focus on human exposures to toxic chemicals. As a steelworker at U.S. Steel, Gary Works, and member of USWA Local 1014, she was active in health and safety issues in the mill. She was the first executive director of the Grand Cal Task Force, a multi-stakeholder grassroots environmental organization from 1986-1988. Since 1998, she has worked with a broad diversity of environmental organizations. In 1992, she received her Masters of Public Health from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, and in 2001 she was awarded a Ph.D. in Public Health from UIC SPH, following her dissertation on congener specific PCB analysis in an occupational setting. Chary currently works with the Gary (IN) CARE Partnership as the project environmental health coordinator, and teaches on labor and environmental issues in the Labor Studies Division of Indiana University.

Jim Kleinschmit – Jim Kleinschmit directs IATP's Rural Communities program, which focuses on strengthening the link between rural economic policy and local, democratic decision-making in order to aid communities in creating and retaining the wealth that comes from their natural and human resources. Jim grew up milking cows and learning about sustainable agriculture on his family's farm in Nebraska. Before joining IATP in 1995, he worked in the Baltic States and Russia, where he promoted sustainable rural development. At IATP, Jim has worked on a wide array of issues, including sustainable agriculture; water quality and quantity; biofuels, bioenergy and bioplastics; climate change; and rural development strategies. He has an M.A. from the Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington-Seattle, and a B.A. from St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. In addition to his work at IATP, Jim is a member of several organizational boards and steering committees, including Rural Advantage, the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative and the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

John Leazer, PhD is Director of the Office of Research and Development’s Sustainable Technology Division at the Environmental Protection Agency and an organic chemist with pharmaceutical expertise in Process Chemistry, API manufacturing, Preclinical Development, Global Green Chemistry Leadership, and Global Safety Leadership.


Tom Marting is the Sustainability and Life Cycle Assesment Specialist for GOJO and is responsible for driving life cycle thinking and design for sustainability principles into the new product development process. Tom is also responsible for sustainability initiatives like developing sustainability metrics, green chemistry, sustainable packaging, design for sustainability, sustainable materials, and developing corporate sustainability policies and strategies.

Dennis E. McGavis

Dennis McGavis, MS is  Director Global EHS Sustainability for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.  He has served in this position since April 2012.  He is also Goodyear’s Co-chair of the CEO Environmental Initiative for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. With over 30 years experience in product stewardship, sustainability and energy initiatives, Dennis has worked for companies such as Shaw Industries (3 years), HP (20 years) and Seagate (2 years). He co-developed the first ENERGY STARSM program for office equipment and invented the “Product Stewardship” domain.   Dennis has a M.S. in Environmental Engineering & Management from National Technological University and a B.A.S. from Boise State University.

Mark Rossi, PhD is Co-Director and founder of Clean Production Action & BizNGO. He develops innovative programs, tools and networks to advance the use of safer chemicals and sustainable materials. Mark founded BizNGO to bring thought leaders together to define best business practices in selecting safer alternatives to toxic chemicals and unsustainable materials. He also co-founded the Sustainable Biomaterials Collaborative (SBC) to spur the introduction and use of biomaterials that are sustainable from cradle to cradle. With SBC, Mark co-authored its Guidelines for Sustainable Bioplastics and co-led the creation of the BioSpecs - Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Specifications for Compostable Biobased Food Service Ware). Mark is the co-author of CPA's Green Screen for Safer Chemicals. He also co-authored CPA's Plastics Scorecard, a tool for benchmarking plastics based on green chemistry principles and closed loop systems. Mark is a leader in the alternatives assessment field, starting with co-authoring the Lowell Center Framework for Alternatives Assessment in 2006. In 2001, he co-founded CleanMed, which is now the leading conference for greening health care. Mark serves on the Steering Committee of Health Care Without Harm, is a member of the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Act Advisory Committee and is a Research Fellow at the University of Massachusetts Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. He is the co-author of many articles and reports on alternatives assessment, pollution prevention and technology innovation. Mark earned his doctorate in Environmental Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Kathleen Schuler, MPH is the co-founder and Co-Chair of the Minnesota Green Chemistry Forum, a collaboration among business, government, NGOs and academic leaders to advance green chemistry practice and policy in Minnesota and nationally. Kathleen is also a Senior Policy Analyst with the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy where she advocates for policies that protect human health and the environment from toxic chemicals that contaminate our food system and our bodies.  She is Co-Director of Healthy Legacy, a Minnesota coalition and campaign to advance public policies and business practices that focus on safer products and safer production methods. Kathleen has a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Minnesota and is a former Bush Leadership Fellow in environmental health. 


Meghan Smith, PhD is a Senior Research Associate at Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center at Ohio State University.  She has a background in chemical engineering, with specific training and expertise in bioproducts, bioenergy, polymer science and biomedical materials. Meghan’s research experiences have focused on the development of bio-based materials for medical and specialty chemical applications. She has also co-founded a start-up company focused on polymeric materials for medical applications including drug delivery and regenerative medicine In addition, Meghan has extensive experience in the planning, management and administration of multidisciplinary research, development and commercialization projects, as well as in the preparation and presentation of technical communications.

Hotel Accomodations: Holiday Inn Express

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